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Services + Pricing

Group Off-leash "Adventure Hikes" 
 (1 hour) $37 ($67 for 2 dog households)
Red’s Rovers provides group off-leash "adventure hiking" services 5 days a week to a local dog-friendly, off-leash hiking spot. Our unique off-leash hiking service provides your dog with good socialization, as well as a good dose of exercise. Group hike trips are 1 hour long. Group hiking trips are offered Monday-Friday, and we have both morning and afternoon groups available to accommodate your work schedule.
Solo-Leash Walks- (30 minutes) $27 ($37 for 2 dog households)
Red's Rovers also offers solo leash-walks. Solo-walks are an excellent option for puppies, elderly dogs, dogs that don't do well off-leash, dogs that don't do well with other dogs, or dogs that just prefer some quality one-on-one attention.

Yard Break/Potty Break- (up to 20 minutes) $20
Red's Rovers also offers potty breaks/yard breaks for dogs that are on restricted exercise or can't do a 30 minute leash walk. Potty breaks are up to15 minutes and can be catered to the needs of your dog (can be simply a trip to the yard to go to the bathroom, or 15 minutes of potty time/fetch).
Cat Sitting - $20 per visit (+$10 for each additional cat)
If you plan on going away, Red’s Rovers also offers top-notch cat sitting services. In-home visits are a good, less stressful alternative to boarding your cat. Food and water refreshing, changing kitty-litter and administering meds are included in the fee (we know how to administer insulin, for those cats who need it), as well as some quality play/snuggle time! Please inquire about cats that have special medical needs that require more than one visit per day.
Small animal care - $20 per visit, $10 per additional small animal
We can’t forget our bunnies, hamsters, birds and turtles! Red’s Rovers also offers small animal care. Food and water refreshing, and bedding change are included in the fee. Please inquire about animals that need 2x a day visits, or have special medical needs that require more than one visit per day.

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